Types of Inspection

Inspections for all of your needs

Whether you’re purchasing a new home, preparing your existing home for sale, or seeking a better understanding of your existing home, Sure Sight Home Inspection has you covered. Discover which type of home inspection is right for you:

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Full home inspection

A full home inspection complies with the standards of practice set forth by the North Carolina Home Inspector Licensure Board and includes a written report of the inspector’s findings. A full inspection is useful for:

  • Home buyers
  • Home sellers
  • Homeowners nearing the end their one-year builder’s warranty
  • Homeowners seeking a comprehensive evaluation of their home
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Photo of house under construction

Pre-drywall home inspection

The focus of the pre-drywall inspection is primarily on the structural framing methods and materials; however, we also evaluate the visible rough-in electrical, plumbing and HVAC components present at the time of the inspection. While we almost always find multiple areas needing repair, making corrections is much easier to address before the finished walls and ceilings go up.

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Hourly consultation

Sure Sight Home Inspection offers consultation services for those who need the help of a knowledgeable home inspector but not necessarily a full, formal home inspection with report. Whether you’re looking to assess a particular problem, have general questions about home maintenance, or are getting ready to sell your home and want to know if there are any major concerns that may give a buyer cold feet, we are here to help!

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