Hourly consultation

Help with preparing for sale, maintenance, or problem solving

Sure Sight Home Inspection offers consultation services for those who need the help of a knowledgeable home inspector but not necessarily a full, formal home inspection with report. Whether you’re looking to assess a particular problem, have general questions about home maintenance, or are getting ready to sell your home and want to know if there are any major concerns that may give a buyer cold feet, we are here to help! The following consultations are our most popular.

Pre-listing consultation

Nearly every home buyer opts for a professional home inspection during their due diligence period; thus, more homeowners who are preparing to put their houses on the market want to know what major issues might come up in the sales transaction. Depending on your needs, we offer either a full pre-listing home inspection with our industry-leading report, or a less formal pre-listing consultation service. Sure Sight Home Inspection, Inc. developed the hourly pre-listing consultation in response to client requests to identify in a cost-effective manner the most significant defects that may come up during a buyer’s home inspection—like a roof in need of repair or replacement, a wet crawlspace, or major foundation problems. These large items are much easier to address before closing when there is ample time to gather repair estimates from contractors or have engineers design structural repairs.

The pre-listing consultation is a verbal consultation only and does not include a written report. Unlike the full home inspection, the homeowner or a qualified representative—preferably someone with a general working knowledge of home construction materials and maintenance—must be present with the inspector to take notes. Consultations are billed on an hourly basis and usually take 1-2 hours. However, if you can’t tell a water heater from a furnace, we recommend the full home inspection as it will result in a written report with far more detail.

Maintenance consultation or problem solving

Do you have a bedroom that’s always cold? Have you noticed a water stain on your ceiling? Is there a strange smell in your basement? Did a contractor suggest a service or repair that you’re not sure you need?

Many homeowners encounter problems like these and don’t know who to call. Sure Sight Home Inspection offers hourly consultations for homeowners seeking to identify the source of specific problems and advice on who to call to make repairs. An experienced home inspector knows best how the house works as a system, so we can often solve a mystery better than an individual tradesman. Your maintenance consultation is a verbal consultation and does not include a written report. We encourage you to take notes and ask questions. If you have multiple areas of concern and would like a detailed list of all items to address, we recommend the full home inspection with our industry-leading report.