Insulation and Energy Loss Inspection

IR000250Often in residential buildings, insulation and weather stripping are improperly installed, leaving large gaps that can add up to substantial energy loss from the home or building. These energy losses can cause dramatic increases in utility bills, discomfort to occupants, and in some situations may make the home conducive to pest infestations, mold and moisture damage. Our insulation and energy loss inspection uses infrared thermal imaging to identify areas of energy loss that are not visible to the naked eye and can be a money-saving and educational experience for homeowners. This inspection is designed to evaluate the home for atypical thermal variations consistent with:

  • Missing, inadequate or poorly installed insulation
  • Significant air infiltration
  • Disconnected or poorly sealed ducts

As part of an insulation and energy loss inspection, the inspector will conduct a non-invasive thermal imaging scan intended to measure the surface temperature variations of the visible, safely and readily accessible portions of:

  • Interior and/or exterior walls, doors, and windows
  • Interior ceilings and floors
  • Accessible portions of the HVAC distribution system

While our insulation and energy loss inspection is a useful tool for homeowners seeking to identify inefficiencies in their home’s insulation and heating and cooling systems, it is not an energy audit. Energy audits offer a quantitative analysis using an energy efficiency software package to perform an analysis of the home’s design. If you’re interested in this type of analysis, you can learn more about residential energy inspections here.

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