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The only tools required to perform a home inspection to meet the standards of practice in North Carolina are a flashlight and screwdriver. While some home inspectors settle for meeting the minimum standard, Sure Sight Home Inspection uses the latest in diagnostic tools to ensure that the homes we inspect are safe and in good repair. Nothing complements your inspector’s knowledge quite like a good moisture meter or electrical tester. Check out our arsenal of diagnostic equipment and feel free to compare it to the competition.

Infrared camera

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Nothing has or will change the home inspection industry more than infrared thermal imaging or thermography. Our latest addition to the tool bag is an infrared thermal imager. The thermal imager allows Sure Sight to see problems that are not visible to the naked eye. Thermal imaging can quickly and nondestructively uncover missing and misapplied insulation, air leakage, moisture intrusion, and electrical problems such as overheating. Thermal imaging is a technology that has been used for years in military operations and has now moved to the industrial, electrical, and building diagnostics fields. Thermography requires in-depth classroom and hands-on training to master. Matthew Bartels, owner of Sure Sight Home Inspection, Inc., has trained with the world's leading experts on infrared thermography and is certified as a Level 1 Thermographer. As with our industry-leading report and high-tech diagnostic tools, Sure Sight Home Inspection is proud to once again be a pioneer in the inspection industry by being the first home inspection firm in the Triangle region to offer thermal imaging in a home inspection. Thermal imaging services can be added to any of our home inspections or be performed as a stand-alone service.

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